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My Country Real Estate

If you are looking for that unique country real estate property or want to sell you have come to the right place. This website is essentially dedicated to those country people who want to privately sell their country place whether it be in a rural town, in the vast expanses of Australia or in the midst of rolling beautiful countryside.

Why would one want to sell their property privately? Well there are possibly several reasons. They may be fed up with the cost of going through real estate agents. They may be frustrated because of the lack of response and think that they can do better themselves. Whatever the reason (which does not have to be disclosed) this real estate website offers a free portal for those who would like another way to show their property. I am sure visitors to this website have looked for other websites that offer private real estate sales and found that some of them are almost as expensive as using a real estate agent and many others wanting.

Why am I offering this? I am what I call a boutique website designer and have my own country property for sale on this website. By boutique, I only design websites for niche businesses that I choose. I am retired and design these websites for exposure on search engines as a way to keep my mind active as I came from a very heavy IT background. Apart from this it amuses me to be able to get some of these websites I design ahead of the ones that have been designed by the heavies.  (e.g. here’s one of my websites http://www.naturalstonetiles.com.au)

You will also note that there are adverts on this website that I earn from when they are viewed. Also by allowing free real estate exposure my site gets more content, (which the search engines love). I get more exposure for my own property, I can earn a bit from adverts and to top it all up I can test out some advanced website design techniques before I try them on customer websites.

You must first be aware that I am not an Estate Agent I am not licensed to sell on your behalf. I just put all your information that you provide (photo’s, descriptions etc) in a meaningful and attractive way. I also provide a location map. All queries go straight back to you by phone or email (I include a contact form when filled in goes straight to your email address) You can see an example here http://www.mycountryrealestate.com.au/rural-properties-for-sale/queenstown-tasmania/ I do not get involved in any negotiations. In other words I am a presenter not a seller.

So if you feel I can help present your property please fill in this contact form with your details.

Helping you in mind.

Wilf Gerrard-Staton

PS. This website will continue even after I sell my property and then all properties will scroll in the hearder image instead of the permanent one of my property.